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In this era, everyone has the latest gadgets like mobile phones, Smartphones, and smart watches. They can communicate through these gadgets via chatting, voice, or video call. Computers and smart gadgets with the internet also shorten distances. In the market, many applications are available for calling, and text messages, one of the most famous applications is WhatsApp.

But now WhatsApp has different variants and versions. All these versions work as third-party apps, which can be installed with easy steps and downloaded via APK files. APK files are hacked files that allow users to access the app easily. In this article, we will discuss WhatsApp plus blue, which works like a third-party app, and we will share some tips and tricks on downloading it and downloading WhatsApp plus Blue APK files.

Why We Download whatsapp plus blue smart app

Whatsapp Plus

It is an appropriate apk version of the original whatsapp and is as famous as other versions of WhatsApp like GB or business. In the world, billions of individuals use this application without reluctance or restriction. It is also customized and full of excitement application that will produce some special moments for the user with its interface and extraordinary features.

On the other side, it’s excellent software for various accounts with special features such as:

  • Hiding online status
  • Blue tick off 

Using this software, you can impress your family, friends, and surrounding circles with custom-built options and high-quality photos or download images and videos. Besides these things, you can create a humorous touch in your status and write a status using different font styles. Moreover, you can adopt various styles on how to reply to your friend via text, voice message, or call when angry with your friend.

Special Feature:

Many rumors are wandering about this app, which might restrict you from the original ones. But don’t trust all rumors; the modified version has anti-ban features. Hence, the user can migrate to the original app anytime.


The new version of that application also came with the latest 2022 theme, which originated from the Original Whatsapp. BP WhatsApp has some new features of BlueWAPlus that can easily download media and other documents. Also, it improves the message and calls quality with full of security. Now the user can read the deleted message and see the deleted image and videos. The most comprehensive feature of this WhatsApp is to hide the status and set strict privacy from unknown people.

It is the modified version of the famous social media application such as WhatsApp, this app is developed for smart gadgets like mobile phones, etc. It is considered the most convenient and amazing application with the alternative of simple WhatsApp, which is the high quality and extra features or amazing UI experience.

Latest Features:

  • Provide the DND Mode with the single click 
  • You can hide your online activity from anyone
  • Groups and chat have varied their separate tabs
  • Having the same features as the original ones
  • Off the blue tick 
  • Attach with Google Drive
  • Saving data option 
  • You can set separate wallpaper on each chat 
  • Use various font styles 
  • WhatsApp has its own library of themes
  • Various icons
  • Status downloading option 

More About:

App NameWhatsApp Plus Blue
Last UpdatedFew Minutes Ago
App VersionV 10.05
Positive Rating255K+
App Size51 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+

Why We Download It?

We know it is the most well-known and worldwide useable application for instant messaging and calls. You can easily access this application, which has a very updated and user-friendly interface. The new version of WhatsApp Blue amazed you with its ultra Pro features and accessibility. The new version is available now with interesting features as the original version, and the developers work day at night to make it a more comprehensive and amazing app for the users.

In the market, many applications such as Viber, Instagram, Facebook, and telegram are used for conversation and calling each other. Still, this application is more reliable and deliberately superior software than other applications. This app has customized preferences, making them more competitive than the others.

Theme Customization

Suppose you are interested in enjoying the new features of whatsapp, and then download it from the official website. The latest themes also amuse you with excellent performance and with their durability. Moreover, the new version of this app, 2022, is more comprehensive and looks elegant with its useful and appealing interface. There’s an appealing feature that will provide you better-customized design with tons of themes. Now you can customize the theme on a single chat with this third-party app with a wider range of features.

It’ll provide more features such as:

  • Fonts style 
  • Wallpapers
  • Themes style
  • Keyboard style 
  • Floating keyboards
  • 100+ Icons

Sound Recording

There’s a new edition of this application, a sound recording feature that will allow you to record your sound while talking with your friends and family. Moreover, it has a more acceptable feature to share audio and video of up to 100 MB. The soundtrack span is around 30 sec to 10 minutes in length.

Sound Recording on whatsapp

It’ll facilitate you to record audio and save the old media backup, including your conversations, in your Google Drive because it has access to your Google Drive via your email address or phone number if you are busy in your daily pursuits and don’t have enough time to reply your important and official messages. Then it will provide you auto-reply feature that can send a message to your client and loved ones. If you are seriously interested in downloading this application, go to the official website and download the latest version of 2022. This application is also available for both devices like Android and iPhone devices.

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Additional New Features

If you want to impress your friends and fellows, there are some amazing latest features: Options that easily send hundreds of messages in sync with a single click, and as the same way 30 plus images are shared with your friend at once. More reliable and notable software that provides regular updates and appealing features with lots of fun.

Privacy Control:

In our society, lots of people have curious behavior and interfere with the privacy of everyone, such as they notice your last seen online timing and what you uploaded on your status. Especially in Asia, different people irritate others by sending those messages, for example, why are you online at that time it’s too late, etc.

So you don’t need to worry about the last scene; this application offers you the great option of freezing your last seen and having a wide range of privacy settings or themes. Now you can set your privacy as per your demand, theme, and last seen you want.

Download this application and install it; before installing, you have to go to enable the feature of third-party apps. Moreover, it also facilitates you with the option of customization with the supported operating system.

Easy Installation

  • You can effortlessly download it and connect it in your smartphones.
  • If you’ve done your downloading procedure at once.
  • Go to your file manager and install your app.
  • Before tapping the installing button, you must locate your device’s file storage.
  • There is an important thing to allow the on known sources.
  • within few seconds, you’ve done your project.
  • When you install your required app, you can easily set all settings according to your desire.
  • This application allows you to access various features not allowed by regular WhatsApp.

Web well-Match

BP is also the more reliable and compatible application for the web. The more comprehensive technique technicalities are added in this software to scan the barcode easily, and now you can sign in to your account on a PC or other gadgets with scan your barcode.  By using these hilarious features, you will be able to custom the similar features to the required device.

 The web app also facilitates us with extra amazing features and also allows the user to send or receive files, images, and other data. So don’t be late today. Download and install it on your smartphone with the latest version of 2022 and enjoy the super exciting features of this application.

Accomplish Blue Ticks

There are three main tick indications:

  • First is a single Grey take that will show you messages delivered to the required server
  • Second age double grey tick will show you messages delivered to the recipient.
  • The blue tick is the main factor of WhatsApp that shows which recipient has seen your message.

If you are not interested in receiving messages from anyone, you can activate the read receipts by turning them off.  By using this feature sender can’t identify message is seen or not.  Sometimes the sender faces dome low coverage issues because of internet connectivity, that’s why the text seems as a timer photo.

In the upper right corner, three dotted lines indicate the setting of the account and where a user quickly changes the privacy and another location of their performance. The window bar provides you with various types of privacy options, such as:

  • Last seen OFF/ON option
  • Status
  • Modify your profile image
  • Location sharing
  • Location-changing options

Above mention, all preferences allow the user to set all privacy according to their desire; uncheck the box when completing your project.

Advantage Of The Latest Blue WhatsApp Plus:

  • You can change the WhatsApp Plus blue to icon colors themes and the notification icon.
  • Call stopping option is available; on the other side, you can control the call features and stop the calls one by one if you want
  • Now you can delete messages
  • Moreover, it has one by one chat gallery allow or disallow option if you want to enable the user to send images to send your gallery, then it can happen
  • Chat calls and group or status bar are separate, and you can easily access any feature which you want
  • In the group, you can choose any person while chatting for a private reply
  • Chat recovery is also available
  • Now you can see your previous call history if you have changed your device
  • The description box of every group is open inside the chat
  • Now you can secure private chat with various styles of codes like pattern code or numeric code
  • If you want to hide your chat from anyone can, you can hide it in a personal chat box with extra security
  • Separate themes and font styles facilitate you

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Is Whatsapp Plus Altered?

If you’re searching whatsapp for all types, they all have the same interface and primary settings, but when you search more for the internal location, all versions have multiple options. The whatsapp plus has lots of emojis, smileys, and distinct features from the Google retreats. It also offers the main features that’ll distinguish it from other versions, such as:

  • You can hide last seen 
  • Online Privacy 
  • Status Privacy 
  • About Privacy 

In this version, you edit and share large files with others; on the other side, it’s accessible for all gadgets.

What does WhatsApp Plus look like?

The Spanish developer Rafalete 2012 launched the modified version of whatsapp Plus for smartphones, and the license offers the same accessibility as the original ones. It is also known by the various names plus, Holo, Business, GB, and the blue icon.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it’s the updated and modified version of whatsapp which allows the user to enjoy the latest features. We researched this application and found fantastic results and provided fast performance. The user-friendly interface offers extra chat versatility with font styles and privacy with confidential chat and themes. Moreover, it’s free for Android users with apk file. If you want to search for a more reliable and secure application for chatting and calls, we suggest you use this software because it provides an end-to-end encryption privacy option.

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