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Laptop with mechanical keyboard is quite popular these days. At first mechanical keyboards could only be used with PCs, but now they are used in laptops also. Choosing a laptop with a mechanical keyboard would be the best option if you want improved visual and auditory performance.

It fascinates you with an instant response to your action. Also, it improves the ability of the user to hear clicking sounds and feel individual keystrokes while gaming. Of course, gaming pcs have been taking advantage of mechanical keyboards for a very long time, with 2.5 millimetres of key travel.

This performance is compromised in the case of normal membrane keyboards and when you open any normal membrane keyboard, you’ll find a Weber membrane where the location of the individual buttons is marked. Installing a mechanical keyboard in your laptop will also help you with more accurate actuation and a smoother key press. It also provides better tactile feedback and responsiveness.

Construction of Mechanical Keyboards in 2023

Construction of Mechanical Keyboards

The design and quality of these keyboards can stand over 70 million keystrokes. Premium materials are used in its construction to improve performance and comfort. Ultimately you can enjoy a comfortable and consistent working experience using a laptop with a mechanical keyboard.

You must have heard this, read somewhere, and you might have thought that what is a mechanical keyboard?.. You must have seen Best Gaming Setup or Best Keyboard many times. First, let me talk about the normal keyboard; whether it is in the calculator, your TV remote, or your traditional keyboard, we only work with its membrane.

You will often find simple membrane keyboards everywhere on the market. Their biggest problem is that you don’t get any feedback. You may miss many words if you are typing fast using a simple keyboard. While typing, you feel the letters are clicked, but some are not pressed properly. Although cheap, it does not give you a good response and a clicky sound.

The majority of the products available in the market are simple keyboards. When it comes to mechanical keyboards, every switch has a mechanical base. It also has some springs and levers under it, giving you proper feedback when you press the buttons. You get to know whether the button you clicked has been pressed or not. And it improves the typing speed. You will get to see the wide variety of switches inside it.

 You can select according to your choice how much soft or yard switch keyboard you want. And how much you want a clicky sound or silence, you can select. If you are a professional or a gamer, a mechanical keyboard is a must for you and will be a good choice. You may have also noticed that the simple keyboard buttons do not press easily when you get a new computer.

A mechanical keyboard also has customization options for you. The advancement of the gaming industry through advanced technology is creating problems for the normal laptop. This article is about a laptop with a mechanical keyboard, including its pros, cons, working, and much more. We have also compared these laptops with the ones with normal keyboards to help you understand better if it is the right fit for you or not. So without any delay, let’s get started.

Top 5 Affordable Laptops With Mechanical Keyboards in 2023

After reading the following details of the best gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard, it will help you to make a good choice among the choices you have.

1. Razer Blade Pro 17

Razer Blade Pro 17

This laptop will enhance your gaming experience and comes with powerful speakers, so you don’t have to compromise on sound quality. The keyboard’s colouring is excellent, and you won’t face any problems while playing games in the dark. This laptop is designed with cutting-edge technologies that include plenty of high-performance hardware.

The key accuracy inside it is made perfect and ultrafast. Its new 10th generation Core i7- 10875H processor has been added inside it to work according to your demand during the game. Regarding the view experience, the 300 Hz emulated display makes the gaming quality the best, and you can maximize the screen space. It is an ultra-portable laptop with slim mechanical switches inside the keyboard.

2. MECH-15 G3

MECH-15 G3

Are you looking for a laptop with rich features that does all the functions simultaneously? So this laptop is for you. It is very fantastic, but its gaming features will attract you. The AMD Ryzen 9 5900hx processor inside it will run everything smoothly. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics GPU with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM is included, making the screen quality attractive. Inside it, a blackit keyboard function allows you to type faster in low light.

You can buy this specific model from original website.

3. ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15

In terms of hardware and gaming capabilities, this laptop is on the list as one of the most formidable laptops. RGB colour mechanical keyboard and high-quality graphics are designed inside it. This modern technology laptop has high gaming power; you can surely play quality games like PUBG and GTA 5. Its mechanical chrominance keyboard is designed very slimly, which is rarely seen in the market. 

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 cooling system is also excellent for keeping the hardware cool. Its β€Ž4.6 GHz ryzen_9 processor is a testimony that there is no compromise in gameplay. And its β€Ž32 GB DDR4 Ram is very high and will fully help in the instant running of everything. It also has an 802.11ax wireless type Bluetooth. The graphics card RAM size β€Žof 16 GB is enough to optimize the gaming performance and meet your every demand.

4. AORUS 15G


This laptop is built based on the three best functions precision, speed and power. This laptop has a 15-inch, very slim-type screen with an attached mechanical keyboard. Due to this, your coding or typing experience will be outstanding. Its top-notch sides and cutting-edge technology will fascinate you. A normal laptop runs at 2200MHz, but an AORUS 15G has a speed of up to 3000MHz, which is an excellent gaming feature.

NVMe SSD in this notebook fascinates you with ultra-fast performance, and HD quality graphics are imported in this bright design gadget. Intel Wi-Fi 6 card is the reason for the best network connection, which is functionally valuable for any hotspot. Ultra-fast and easily portable with a Ram of 16GB DDR4, which give quality services and an awesome vibe.

5. Eluktronics MECH-15 G3

Eluktronics MECH-15 G3

This laptop will be your outstanding option if you want to save money and get a fantastic product for your typing and gaming experience. The Eluktronics MECH-15 G3 has an ultra-fast Intel Core i7-11800H Hexa-core processor and β€Ž32 GB RAM. Its hard drive includes a 1 TB SSD, which fascinates gaming users.

MECH-15 G3 is made with high-quality materials and attached to a mechanical keyboard. It has high graphics built in and an option to customize the graphics. It is well designed in terms of game and screen view.

6. XPG Xenia 15 KC

XPG Xenia 15 KC

This laptop is built based on a powerful gaming desktop system. Its graphics are designed in terms of 100 fps per second which is a great choice for gameplay. Talking about its capacity, it has the power to play all kinds of gameplay with ease. XPG Xenia 15 KC is also a great option for typing and coding with a slime mechanical keyboard attached. It provides a good opportunity for the youth to work on the internet. This overall is very well made, but its specialty is in its gaming features.

 It does not ask its users to make any compromises in gameplay recording. You can do high-quality recordings of 90 fps without hesitation. It has a 4k support video recording feature, and clicky sounds give a different vibe while typing. If you are financially strong, this will be your best choice. Because its cost is a little high, it is perfect in terms of features. To enjoy the game, you must spend money on this machine. You won’t regret the money spent after buying this item

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboard Laptops

mechanical keyboard laptop

A laptop with a mechanical keyboard has many benefits, including:

Longer Lifespan

These laptops have a comparatively longer lifespan than laptops with tactile keyboards. Mechanical keyboards contain three types of switches:Linear switches, tactile switches and clicky switches. On the other hand, membrane keyboard laptops used an array of dome switches.

No Damage   

Another good thing about laptops with mechanical switches is that they hardly get damaged. Even if you keep using it for years, the feel of the keypad typing will give you the first-time-use vibe. Moreover, you don’t have to face problems like keys getting stuck or clattering keys.

Improved Typing Experience           

Laptops with mechanical switches provide multiple tweaking options compared to an ordinary rubber dome. So it is not shocking to hear that mechanical keyboards have a lot of switch types featuring different characteristics.

A detectable actuation point is also present in some switches. At the same time, others might provide the user with additional acoustic feedback. Some switches are exclusively optimized for smooth gaming experiences. At the same time, others feature excellent typing optimization.

High stability           

Laptops with mechanical keyboards are heavier than laptops with higher or membrane keyboardsβ€”that is why these laptops offer more stability and are sturdier.


There are 19 anti-ghosting keys present in laptops with mechanical keyboards. These are significantly higher than those present in normal laptops.

Outstanding Gameplay

Fully Gameplay Laptops are attached with a mechanical keyboard because the gameplay is not fun without a mechanical keyboard. Although you will rarely see laptops with mechanical keyboards in developing countries, their invention has attracted worldwide attention. Being deprived of modern technical facilities can be a failure of our society.

Laptops with mechanical keyboards are expensive but are the best choice in terms of features. Choose a mechanical keyboard to utilize its advanced features to optimize your gaming and typing experience. In terms of making, laptop with a mechanical keyboard has an extra luxurious appearance that fascinates gaming lovers.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboard Laptops

Along with benefits, mechanical keyboard laptops also come with some disadvantages, including:

Sound Level

The sound level of laptops with mechanical keyboards is higher than that of laptops with normal keyboards. BLUE switches and mechanical keyboards have the highest sound levels. This is a major drawback of mechanical keyboard laptops. You can also use a laptop with silent mechanical keyboard models to avoid this issue. Moreover, O-Rings can also be used to reduce keyboard noise levels. 

High Price

Another significant problem with mechanical keyboards is that laptops cost much more than laptops with normal ones. But this is not a problem if you consider it an investment. Make sure to take care of it and maintain it properly to improve its performance life. This way, you would not have to invest in buying another one for years. On the other hand, some cheaper varieties are available in the market but are not as reliable as the expensive ones.

More Weight

More weight of laptops with mechanical keyboards is good for offering higher stability. But this causes a problem in the transportation of the laptop. Moreover, bulkier laptops are also uncomfortable to put on your lap.

Some Important facts

A laptop with a mechanical keyboard is a normal laptop but with a special keyboard. This keyboard uses physical switches installed under the keys to knowing when the user has pressed a key.

It means you will press the switch down whenever you press a key. The sounds of a mechanical keyboard are pretty much the same as the normal keyboard of a laptop, excluding the presence of switches under the keys. Fast typists love laptops with these keyboards. Typing on these laptops gives you a smooth feel and a different vibe.

A set composed of 3 plastic membranes is used in most of the keyboards. Under each key rubber, dome-shaped switches are present. Through the hole, the rubber switch pushes into the middle membrane after you press a key. It builds a connection between the bottom and top membranes.

As a result, an electric circuit is created, responsible for sending an input signal to the laptop. The reason why laptops with these keyboards are different is that they are still resistant. But one thing to remember when using a laptop with a mechanical keyboard is that you will not get the same audible or textile feedback as experienced by using a laptop with a normal keyboard.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between a laptop with a mechanical keyboard and a laptop with a normal keyboard?

There are significant differences between a laptop with a mechanical keyboard and a laptop with a normal keyboard that you should know. Using a laptop with a mechanical keyboard will result in improved responsiveness. Also, you can get better control over the keys when typing on such a laptop. Most importantly, it is comfortable to use compared to a laptop with a normal keyboard.

Another good thing about this laptop is its high quality and long-lasting build. A unique plastic switch is installed under each keycap to add more to your gaming experience. On the contrary, a laptop with a normal keyboard has rubber domes for recording your actions. There are no metal contacts or springs in a mechanical keyboard. But a good thing about these laptops is that they are affordable and have low sound levels.

Which is better for a laptop with a mechanical keyboard with a linear or tactile switch?

It gets difficult to decide which laptop with a mechanical keyboard is better, one with a linear or tactile switch. The two main categories of laptops with mechanical keyboards are tactile and linear. In the case of linear switches, stronger force is demanded, pushing down the key. On the other hand, pressing a key is much easier in the case of tactile switches. You have to press it only halfway down to send the signal.

The main factor that decides the right type of keyboard for your laptop is the interaction of your fingers with the keys. The linear switch is perfect if you love pressing the keys hard. But the tactile switch is perfect for your fast work.

How accurate is a laptop with a mechanical keyboard?

In the case of a laptop with a mechanical keyboard, a unique switch is installed under each key. Every time you will press a key, the response will be initiated. These laptops are more durable and less likely to wear out, which is not true with a membrane keyboard. Even after several years of use, if you experience the keys wearing out, you can easily change the switch installed under the key with the new one. Laptops with mechanical keyboards are highly accurate and help you get your work done quicker.

Can you customize laptops with mechanical keyboards?

Yes, laptops with mechanical keyboards can be customized to meet your requirements. It will help you get maximum typing output and improve the overall look of the laptop. You can choose to install LED lighting on the keyboard to make it more attractive. Also, to let your keyboard match your vibe perfectly, you can install different varieties of replaceable keycaps.

What are the 3 types of mechanical keyboards?

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of switches: linear, tactile, and clicky.

Linear switches are smooth and consistent throughout the keystroke, providing a consistent force and no tactile feedback. They are commonly represented by the color red.

Tactile switches provide a slight bump or resistance at the actuation point, allowing the user to feel when the keystroke has been registered. They are commonly represented by the color brown.

Clicky switches have a tactile bump and an audible click when the keystroke is registered, providing both tactile and audible feedback. They are commonly represented by the color blue.


This was all about laptops with mechanical keyboards. Hopefully, now you are quite familiar with mechanical keyboards and their working. Look at both the pros and cons of laptops with mechanical keyboards to decide if you should get one or not. Also, consider essential buying factors when purchasing a laptop with a mechanical keyboard. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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