How To Cancel Truebill Paid Subscription 2023 – Is It Safe?


Before cancellation of any software, it’s better to know that thing, its use, features, and tools that make the steps following more accessible for you. You have recently been seeing a lot of divergent or contrasting budgeting apps dedicated software bill app is one of those. Now here we will give you a little initiation about this True app bill; it is also a budgeting app that can make your life easier than any other app you have used.

First, I would like to chronicle or describe the basics of this app that helps you to keep track of your overall monitory life, and one of the most convenient tools of this actual app bill is keeping track of those passkeys provoking recurring subscriptions that we all want to forget about.

True app bill

Cancellation Of True Bill Premium With Truebill App 2023

This app cancels all unnecessary subscriptions on its own if you follow these steps;

  • First, make sure you are correctly signed in to this app
  • This app should be connected to all your accounts to quickly scan all your old or new subscriptions even if you remove that memory from your brain.
  • First, click on premium subscription by following the concise guidance on your smartphone or laptop screen. After that, you will receive a confirmation mail in your provided email.

There is another way to cancel your premium subscription by following the steps given below;

  • In the first step, you have to click on the setting icon in the top left hand of your dashboard.
  • Choose the best paid option.
  • Scroll down to the nethermost of the page and select modify.
  • Now just track and follow up these steps shown on your monitor to authorize the cancellation of your subscription.

Trouble Or Error In Cancellation

If you have to face any error or trouble during cancellation, feel free to use with chat Expert option on the premium page to receive guidance or help from employees.

However, keep in mind that this procedure does not delete your account or any other subscriptions like negotiation of bills, smart saving accounts, etc., except premium subscriptions.

If you want to delete your account, bill negotiation, and intelligent saving account, the below guide will help you.

How To Cut Out Your Smart Saving Account?

To delete your witty saving account, follow the steps given to you down below:

  • Scroll down until you reach your account balance and select the intelligent savings option on your dashboard.
  • Then choose the account you longing to close.
  • Choose control in the top right-hand place.
  • Then select the close account, and make sure by receiving a confirmation text by closing the account.

Is Truebill Safe?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use. Moreover, this application stores all the variables and data with encryption functionality and uses the bank-level 256-bit. The most comprehensive thing is to attach verified and active SSL on the website, providing safety while using this application.

As we know, this financial application saves the user’s data, while when extra data and files are needed; it’ll allow instant access to the user by individual ID and password.

How To Abandon Truebill Blue Apron?

This app which we call ‘Blue Apron‘, has a significant impact on people because it provides you with a balanced nutrition lunch box at your doorstep, but sometimes when your hands get tight then, you need to leave something whether you don’t want to, so in just some steps you can easily cancel your subscription through app.

Step 01:


If you want to get rid of this service, first, you should make sure your account number is in a fit state because if you want to call them or email them both ways, you must use your account number.

You can look at your bills or your login sites to find your account number. If you need to write your account number correctly, your helpline service has difficulty helping you by just using your name.

 Step 02:


Secondly, you need to log in to your inline service app, like Truebill, then log in to the ‘Blue Apron’ website.

In Trumbull, you have to click on ‘Account information’. In the majority of cases, people make mistakes by searching the ‘setting’ option instead of ‘account information’, so keep that in your intellectual capacity that you do not need to search ‘setting’.

Step 03:


After that, when you enter ‘Account Information’, you will see options like your name, password, email address, customer status, etc. In all of these options, you will find an option ‘Manage’, then click on it, and it will open automatically.

Step 04:


In the next step, you again encounter divergent options; in these options, there are two-bit confusing options: “skip your delivery” or ‘cancel’.

So make sure you will click on ‘cancel’ because another course of action will not cut your entire purchasing subscription completely; for this, you have to click ‘cancel’ because after selecting that resource, you will not remain a customer of ‘Blue Apron’.

Cancellation Of Any Subscription By The True Bill App

Not only one of this app’s features, “Rocket Money,” can cancel any online subscription in which you are no more interested and want to get rid of it, but also Trubill tracker can also cancel any online subscription just with the help of your credit card and bank account.

Advantages Of Trubill (Finance App)

  • It helps in lowering your bills.
  • It helps you stay on track by controlling your budget and reminds you when you go out of track.
  • It supports saving and gives you multiple ideas related to it.
  • You can get a 100$ advance before you get your salary or payback.
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True Bill Tools And Their Function:

When you open this app, first, the thing that comes into your view on top of the screen is your monthly spending and the different bank accounts and credit cards that you have linked or connected with. Below these, it will show your current credit card balance on your different credit cards; as far as your credit cards are concerned, you usually put all of your expenses on your credit card, and you can pay it off every month.

So this app is pretty much friendly to show you what kind of your payout is, and combined you’re going through from both of your credit cards as well as your checking accounts and put all of this in one single platform, so here you can quickly examine and analyze your all spending. This app also gives your ideas about how to manage your expenses; with the help of an actual bill, you can acknowledge yourself and your investments.

Is Really Our Budget Can Manage By This Finance App?

This excellent app also gives you the option of setting up budgets within the app if you want to set up a budget for a specific thing, whether it is for your educational expenses, vacation, or a significant purchase of life; for this purpose, they offer a budgeting tool right there if you slide right into the screen of the app.

There is one more exciting thing in this app: the recurring tab at the bottom, which gives you an idea of what your recurring expenses are, which hugely helps full if you are in a situation where you had some monthly expenses sneak up on you. And you need more amounts in your account, so this is extremely useful to show you what are your recurring expenses and what you expect to come up with because people often need to remember these. After all, they sign up for something and then forget to sign up entirely, and then they are perpetually being billed in the process. Now you can easily understand the use or function of this tab.

Now let’s jump over to the spending tab; this is the most essential or valuable part of the app because it does not only show you” how much money you are spending?” but also breaks it up into different categories to give you an idea of whether you are paying out a lot of money on your groceries, or dining, whatever it may be, so right off the bat. You can quickly look at your spending so far this month in January, February, or so on, and to be honest, after realizing how much you have been paying out in a previous couple of months, it has made you informed about and give you a wakeup call, especially with things like dining and those discretionary expenses.

This app not only reminds you about your monthly expenses but also divides them into different categories, so you can easily manage your expenses, and it does it every single month, and you can look past data after you link your account to this app. It breaks it up into these different categories, so if you find your finance is like a leaky bucket and you have no idea where your money is going, then something like True Bill can easily show you where you are squandering too much money.

If you scroll down, it will show you one more interesting too, which will show you where you are frequently spending money, and it also informs you about what is your most significant purchases during this whole month or year, so rather than just having your money aimlessly going one direction or the other, it gives you a noticeable snap of what’s going on with your currency.

Additional Features (Negotiate And Manage Your Bills)

Now, If we move further than there are a couple of other features of True Bill that you may want to know as a user of this app. One of the interesting ones is that this app offer where they not only negotiate a service offer but also negotiate on some of your bills now in particular. This is typically your telecom bills, internet bills, cable bills, and things of that nature, and what they will do if you upload your bills and provide the correct documentation, and try to negotiate on your behalf now; they offer paid plans.

Additional Features (Negotiate And Manage Your Bills)

This software comes with some extra bells and whistles, but you do not meet to abuse the paid plan to have them negotiate your bills. However, there is a charge for the service, and they do they keep 40% of any money they can save you now; you may think,” Okay, that sounds like a high amount, “but the truth is this I call it fond money because its money you would never ordinarily get in the first place. After all, they are doing leg work for you because as much as we all complain about our high cable bills and internet bills, very few of us are willing to get on the phone or chat with the people on the email and negotiate that rate and what’s crazy is that just how much the money you can save by using this service.

So, according to the actual bill, the user that takes advantage of the genuine bill feature bills decreases by over sixty dollars a month which is over 720 dollars per year. If you take advantage of all these features and have them negotiate your bills on your behalf, you may see or find some savings like this. Now all these things we discussed above are part of the free plan, so if you download this app, you can take advantage of all these features and offers without spending a single penny, but if you are looking for some advanced and beyond features, these are all going to be offered for a paid subscription, and you can pay for this every month or an annual basis.

Cancellation Of Free Plan Features Of Truebill

So before knowing its cancellation procedure, we should know basically, “What are free plan features?” first of all, the first main thing is going to get you are automated cancellation, which means that when thus finance app notifies you of a requiring subscription if you decide you want to cancel that subscription you click a button and then it will be canceled it on your behalf. In contrast, if you do not have the paid membership, you will cancel that subscription on yours.

Cancellation Of Free Plan Features Of Truebill

Another feature you get with the paid plan is an unlimited budget and spending categories, which can help you get a more granular look at your finances. Whereas with the free version, you can use a set number of budgets and categories for another. A valuable feature of the paid plan is smart savings, which allows you to save money and set it aside within the app, which can be extremely helpful when tracking your overall finances.

Where if you are charged any overdraft fees or late fees, they will be reached out to those financial an institution on your behalf and try to negotiate those fees. Because often time, banks are willing to have a little wiggle room there if you reach out to them and ask them if you cut the fees or eliminate the fee especially if you have been in good standing with them for a very long time you also get premium chat, which means you have priority access to customer service with this bill setting system and the final feature.

They offer is automatic fetching of the data from your financial institution if you use the free version of the app they are only going to update your account whenever that financial sends them that data however, with the paid plan, they will fetch the data as you would like it giving you real-time updates on your financial account so overall this app is highly so much helpful and it’s honestly one of those apps. Where even the free version is really good because it usually annoys people so much when they download any app. And they have limited to what they can do because everyone has a behind paywall that is not just the case here with thus program.

How To Login Into Truebill?

You can easily signup for this app, to signing up first you have to give three essential pieces of information:

  • Your full name
  • Email Address
  • Password

You can also use your Facebook account instead of the above information for a quick Log in.

Set Your Account

After completing the registration process, app asks you to search for your bill provider; this app has a complete list of all well-known businesses available, including AT&T, charter, institutes, and others. If you want to get negotiation in your bills, fees, etc., then this application will provide you 85% accomplishment rate.

Perhaps You Would like WhatsApp Plus blue App for your Billing App Saperately

Connect Your Billing Declaration

After the first step, you will proceed to the next step, which is uploading your bills, because after completing the registration process, this program has access to your monthly billing system. You can easily pass through directly to this software’s platform, or another option is to upload a PDF or photo of these bills; it is possible or eligible in both ways.

Provide Your Bank Account Or Finance Detail

At last, after giving the above information, you have to give your phone number and then your credit card number to avail of good service and get proper detail related to your spending money detail of the whole month, after that you must manually become part of Truebills True protect software. It will handle all your stuff involuntarily, and your bill will negotiate instinctively anytime it increases, or new offers pop up regularly.

The platform’s subscription management feature will be available when you set up your statement of charges or bills. This app keeps its eye on your credit card or bank details and keeps tracking all your important stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Cut Out Your True Bill Account? 

Just by following three steps, you can quickly delete your account if you want;

  • Click on the ‘Setting’ option in the top left side of your dashboard.
  • After that, choose the ‘My Profile’ icon.
  • Opt for ‘Delete my account’

Note: Deleting your account will vanish or edit out all of the data you provided to Truebill in the past, and you can’t get it back, so be careful if you want to delete this account.

How To Cancel You’re Smart Saving Account?

If you want close or adjacent you’re brilliant saving account, just follow these steps:

  • First, scroll down on your dashboard to your account balances and click or tap on intelligent savings.
  • After that, you’d choose the present account which one you wish to close.
  • Click upper right side corner, choose the edit selection.
  • In the last section just click on undesired account, and press confirm button that you want to remove your account permanently.

How Do You Terminate A Rocket Subscription?

If you want to delete or re-edit your rocket money subscription, all you have to follow the steps given below:

  • First, you must choose the bottom side recurring mobile tab or upper left on the web.
  • To see a complete list of subscriptions, you have to click ‘ALL’ near the top of the screen.
  • In the next step, you have to go three dots ‘…’ option at the right of the subscription.
  • Now choose the Cancel Service option.


The primary purpose of this app is to decrease your bills, fasten your bank account and track all advance notices of any billing declarations. It makes no odd how many features apps serve if you are not sure about their safety or reliability, so some old customer claim there is some error in its security, but overall people have a good response for this app, but if you cannot afford unlimited budget then this app made for you.

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