What are the Best Conference Call Services in 2023


A conference call is a call in which one person speaks with many people simultaneously. The invention of conference calling has made it easier for people worldwide. Once upon a time, people traveled far to meet up with each other, and still, many problems arose. But the conference calling has played a critical role in connecting people at one time.

The business dealings and the entire team strategy are thoroughly discussed, and the team leader allows his colleagues to share the issues through calls.

A conference call is joined in various ways; sometimes, people participate through a link, or a specific number is assigned to the participant. The company provides phone numbers or codes for calls through which people connect. Conference calling has also played an essential role in online courses and classes through which you can take or teach classes anywhere.

What are Best Free and Paid Conference Call Services

In the days of Corona, the trend of combined calls had increased a lot; even the representatives of the countries also shared their problems through call meetings.

Reservationless and operator-assisted are two types of calling services.

What are Best Free and Paid Conference Call Services?

The best call services today are zoom and Nextiva. The best conference call services can give the option of connecting quick calls, video conferences, team collaboration, and even 100 persons simultaneously. You can select a fantastic call service according to your budget below. We have explained well about free and paid best call services 2023.

  • Zoom _ is an excellent option for long conference calls.
  • Nextiva _ best for both small and long conference calls.
  • GoTo Meeting _ is a superb option for presentations and webinars.
  • RingCentral _is the best choice for Voice and Video Conferencing.
  • FreeConferenceCall.com _ Good choice for large and small businesses.
  • Vast conference _ best for achieving business goals.

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1. What is Zoom


Zoom is a famous cloud-based video conferencing service that allows us to connect anywhere worldwide. Through this, you can easily interact virtually. The trend of using Zoom for social events is also increasing. Zoom has firmly established itself in people’s hearts, using it to keep teams in touch with each other and continue their work with minimal disruption.

Zoom also has video call conference, audio call conference, and screen sharing options, so you can even record in good quality. Within a Zoom meeting, an admin can remove any member and allow anyone to speak. The link to join the Zoom meeting is shared or can also be joined by code.

Pricing Of Zoom

You can also use Zoom for free up to a limit within which you can have 100 people join your meetup. If you take the pro plan, more than 100 people will be able to enter your meeting. Zoom prices range from $24 per year to $2600 per year, which is not that expensive for large companies. In 2021, 700+ companies preferred Zoom for meetings, and meetings continued for hours over Zoom for big business plans.


Zoom’s excellent features have played a significant role in earning its name. When you see these features, you immediately want to use zoom. There are the following best features of zoom.

  • Zoom admin has control over who he allows to join or chat.
  • You can also review business cases and meet up with your team members in a free zoom account.
  •  A host can make unlimited meetings in a free tier of Zoom.
  • The host can record a team meeting in a free version of Zoom.
  • Zoom conference call services are best for large and small types of businesses.
  • Best quality recording features are available in the Zoom conference calls.
  • You can play the zoom meetings on your TV screen also.

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2. Nextiva


Nextiva made its name in the world of technology due to its excellent features. When you can’t hear anything because of a conference call error, your mouth turns to anger due to crappy call audio quality during the conference call. But don’t worry, Nextiva has solved your problem. They are providing a complete tool for business communication at an affordable price. You can make countless conference calls for less the $30 per month, and HD audio quality will satisfy you.

I like it because it has all the features that a business communications needs. You will appreciate its network’s strength and resilience using the free and primarily Nextiva for conference calls. Here you can make any conference call related to your business and easily connect with potential workers and clients for your business.

Using Nextiva, you don’t have to worry about delays as your VoIP calls are instantly connected to the nearest POP between you and your conference call participant. Whenever you face problems while using Nextiva, you can immediately get help from Nextiva’s top-notch support.


Nextiva prices range from $14 per month to $27 per month. Prices of Nextiva for a month are affordable for small and large business meetings. The professional plan, which is cheap and easy to buy, allows you to add up to 40 participants to a conference call, and the other two plans will enable you to add up to 250 participants.

Nextiva has a free speed test option for conference calls. If unsatisfied with Nextiva’s performance, you can use its 7-day free trial to check.

Nextiva Features

  • easy to use.
  • HD quality audio service.
  • Strong networks throughout the world.
  • It connects instantly with the nearest POP.
  • Best for large businesses.
  •  Best for significant conference calls.

3. GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting’s innovative features have provided excellent solutions for small businesses, which has earned GoTo a name for itself within the best conference calls. You can make a fantastic video or conference call with all the screen and audio tools when you use it.

GoTo Meeting has an adorable type of transcript system that works automatically when you turn it on; it starts recording when the crowd gets big, and you can watch or show that recording later to those who have missed the conference call. People always prefer it because of these features.

GoTo Meeting’Pricing

Goto doesn’t have a basic free plan like other conference call services, but you can use its 14-day free trial at no cost.

Goto has three plans which are as follows.

  • Professional  _ start from $12 per month
  • Business  _ start from $16 per month
  • Enterprise _ has custom pricing.

You can add up to 150 participants within the first profession and cheapest plan, which is very useful for small businesses. And the business plan host can host a call with 250 participants. In comparison, in the final Enterprise plan, which is preferred for large businesses, a host can add 3000 participants to the call, which is very useful for large companies.


There are following best features of GoTo Meeting exist in all three plans.

  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Screen sharing option
  • No limits on meetings with your teams
  • No time limits
  • Best personal meeting rooms for employees
  • Business messaging in the call
  • free mobile app
  • Salesforce integration
  • 24/7 customer support for its users
  • You can record unlimited conference calls in Goto Meetings, and the transcript system is easy to use.

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4. RingCentral


RingCentral is a famous company that has solved many problems for small businesses. RingCentral has an excellent history of running small businesses. Sometimes even for a small business, there comes a time when the company cannot stay in touch with its team and clients, which leads to many difficulties.

But don’t worry, RingCentral has added all the features for small businesses that a company needs. Better than using other expensive tools, companies can make free conference calls in RingCentral, where the host can add up to 100 team members for free and unlimited audio calls. Inside RingCentral is a VoIP phone service system that connects directly to the Internet.

RingCentral Pricing

If we talk about the price of RingCentral, it is not so important because you can manage your small businesses even within the free plan. If you are having problems, take RingCentral’s $19.99/month plan, which is affordable and excellent for conference calls.


  • the free plan is an excellent choice for small business
  • Best choice for Voice and Video Conferencing.
  • Quality network
  • affordable prices
  • easy to use

5. FreeConferenceCall.com


If you want to use a robust service for room calling at no cost, FreeConferenceCall.com is an excellent option for you. It has many features like web management, call recording, and calendar integration to make a business successful. This website allows you to donate a custom amount if you can afford it. You can meet face-to-face through FreeConferenceCall.com and also share documents via desktop.

FreeConferenceCall.com also has an excellent app for Android and iOS with valuable customer support. If you plan to have a big business meeting, you can contact FreeConferenceCall.com to arrange it. Using FreeConferenceCall.com, the host can add up to 1000 participants to their three-way calling at no cost.

June 2021:

In June 2021, FreeConferenceCall.com introduced new apps for desktop and mobile. Screen sharing within the desktop app and the option to add or remove members for the host are also given. Within the FreeConferenceCall.com desktop app, you can turn notifications on or off. After the new update, more cool features have been added to its app, including options like Streamed Layout and Enhanced Meetings Lobby, which make meetings easier to use.

August 2021:

In August 2021, FreeConferenceCall.com also added a new premium service called Huddle. Team in its updated version helps with a new way for its users to team communicate. Huddle. Team also plays a vital role in high-quality audio call services, screen sharing with co-annotations, and customized hold music options.

The basic plan costs $7 per month, and the other professional plan costs $15 per month with the virtual phone service in which you can text on any number in the U.S without any limit.


  • robust service for three-way calling at no cost
  •  web management
  • Quality call recording
  •  Calendar integration
  • Excellent app for Android and iOS
  • The host can add up to 1000 participants to their three-way calls at no charge.
  • Easy to use
  • Virtual phone service
  • Customizable hold music options

6. Vast Conference

Vast Conference

I prefer Vast Conference, an excellent platform for the best three-way calling service overall. Vast Conference has an online portal option through which you can manage all your meetings. Without any schedule, you can join countless conference calls using this platform. The host can easily add 500 members using Vast Conference, and when it comes to networking, Vast Conference is second to none.

It also has a free greeting option which is very useful for a business team meeting. You can extend your business meetings using Vast Conference; its network is so intense now that it has attracted the world. Vast phone meeting has an importance in terms of price. Vast Conference has many options, like auto-call recording, screen sharing, and an online portal. You will find all these features in your premium Vast Conference, which you can easily purchase by visiting the Vast Conference’s website.


This service has two good plans available, one is a monthly plan, and the other is a pay-as-you-go plan. You can make as unlimited calls as you want within a monthly plan. Vast phone meeting Plans range from $15 to $40 per month. Another plan of Vast costing in cents, which supports 500 callers, and each caller pays 3.5 cents. The host controls who they allow in and out of the phone meeting. Vast Conference is affordable for both small and large businesses.

Vast Conference’s Features

  • best conference call service overall
  • online portal option
  • free customizable greeting options
  • You can extend your business meetings using Vast Conference

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Features of Conference Call Service

To choose any phone meeting service, you need to compare its features to see if it is right for your business. The following essential features help you select the best conference call.

Caller Limits:

First, to choose a good service call, you need to see how many employees you can add. Many services support up to 100 callers, and some support up to 1000. You have to choose the calling service depending on your business. If you want to hold meetings for small businesses, get a service with less caller support; if your business is big, get a service that supports more callers.

Secure Calls:

When you start selecting a good teleconference, the first thing you should consider is whether our calls will be secure or not. Many call services help us to secure our business information in which we are given options like passwords, encrypted data, and manager permissions which are very useful for the business.

Call Controls:

When selecting any good teleconference, you need to check whether it has a call control option or not. If available, then it will be the best option for your business as through such a service, you can control the calls with the help of your online portal. Having options for the host like screen sharing, call recording, and muting participants is a sign of excellent calling service. Keeping these points in mind, you must choose the best calling service for your business.

Call Recording:

Sometimes, when you start a teleconference for your business, some of your team members are late or unable to join the meeting. To avoid this problem, you need a great conference call recording option that you can use to show your members who were unable to join the conference call due to some constraints. You should choose a service that provides quality audio and video call recording and has the option to download or share it later. Quality call recording features are essential for the best calling services.

Mobile Conference Call App:

Some conference call services provide apps for Android and IOS, which is a great reason to choose them. Host and participants can join the meeting through their mobile app.


Integrations such as Microsoft Outlook and simplifying the scheduling of conferences are essential for a business teleconference. Some conference calling services provide these best options, and you should choose them for your business meeting calls.

Ease Of Use:

Before selecting any phone meeting, you need to check whether you can easily use the basic features like scheduling the call, inviting participants, and recording the call. Whichever phone meeting service you select, you must ensure that every company member can easily use it and join your conference call.

Call Quality:

To choose the best call service, you must first try its free trial and see what its call quality is. In the best call service, the voice of the call should be evident and apparent, so there should not be any problems during business meetings. You should not face issues like lagging and connection unstable while making a three-way calling. The voice should be clear and not be crappy for your business conference call.

Calling Tools:

There are two calling features: the dial-out feature and the Call Me option. With the dial-out feature, you can put your conference call on hold, and in the Call Me option, you can call your participants when the three-way call starts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a conference call a video call?

Some services give us a video call option, and some don’t. Regarding my choice, I will always prefer those conference call services supporting video.

How much do conference call services cost?

There is various conference calling services that offer calling at different prices. Regarding pricing, there are two types of calling: Pay-as-you-go and monthly plans. In the pay-as-you-go plan, you are paid by the minutes, and within the monthly plan, you pay between $7 and $60 per month. Selection of cheapest services with fantastic features is the best choice for long term and short term businesses.

Is a conference call necessary for our business?

Recently in the days of Corona, many companies continued their meetings on three-way calls and did not let the business end. If you are running your business from different locations in the country or worldwide, teleconference services is a must. Different companies have different routines; some call their employees for face-to-face meetings once a month, and some call their employees.

How does a conference call service work?

A conference call is a service in which a host can simultaneously join a call and add multiple people from anywhere in the world. Many modern communication systems provide good calling and paid services, which have benefitted many companies. These communication systems provide dedicated local or toll-free phone numbers for teleconference lines.

Final Thoughts On Future Scope Of Conference Calling

This way of calling has made a place in the world of technology and business after the Corona pandemic. Many companies have paid to continue their meetings, as the example of Zoom is in front of everyone. Calling services have influenced a lot of people in 2022, if seen.

The world introduced many new calling services like Zoom, and regular seminars were held so people would be inclined towards it and continue their business worldwide. You can see the example of Skype, which has attracted many employees and companies within a short period. If we talk about the days of Corona, the foreign policy matters of the countries were also done through teleconference calls.

Even the neighboring countries preferred conference calls over face-to-face meetings. Many of the UN affairs were seen through such calls, and each country’s representative was asked to join, which settled matters and passed the corona pandemic. Thus the demand for teleconference increased, and conference calling has a bright future. The present era is the online world, due to which people feel reluctant to travel and want to do all their work on their mobiles.

One famous conference calling service provider, Dialpad, introduced new technology features to the world in 2019. Dialpad introduced TalkIQ and offers UberConference. So, increasing day-by-day technology of phone meeting services is a sign of its bright future.

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