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Tech In Radar is a complete tech organization with multiple tech niche experts here and we will provide different tech news, gadget updates, games information, mobile phones, how-to’s of the internet world, apps, AI and a lot of other kinds of tech as well.

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Hello my name is Skellie. I have been a software engineer since 2009. Along with working on different softwares, apps, websites, and tech related gadgets and their maechanism.

I have worked with multi tech companies as an SEO & Digital marketing consultant as well and got experience in different aspects of tech world.

You can connect with me on Facebook.



Hello, I’m Hannah Zoe Aubrey but you can simply call me Hannah. I have worked under the wing of Ztech solutions as an front and backend app developers for 5 years.

I’m expertise in delivering you the best content and similar solutions regarding apps. You will find many app’s alternatives from me.

If have any question and queries related to apps then contact me on my Facebook.



Hello, name’s Lucas Jeffery Akio. Big name game geek as you can judge from my nerdy glasses. I spent more than half of my life span in playing video games and building custom PCS & gadgets.

I will amaze you with my vast knowledge on games and top trending games that you can play and have a great time enjoying them.

If you have any concern or queries related to games then feel free to get in touch with me, I might start playing some online video games with you as well.

Tech In Radar

We will provide different tech news, gadget updates, games, sites, information, mobile phones, how-to guides on tech related issues, devices, apps, AI and a lot of other kinds of tech as well.